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H-TEC Education is the ultimate destination for all of your renewable energy education needs. We aim to create a new generation of engineers and scientists to work on clean energy breakthroughs. Our special zero-carbon science experiment kits will help students of all levels (K-12, home-schooling, pre-college, college, university, non-profit educational institutions, etc.) learn about new, clean, and environmentally friendly energy technologies such as fuel cells, electrolyzers (electrolysis), hydrogen economy, solar energy, wind energy, bio-energy, and more!

All of our products and experimental science, kits can easily be integrated into the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) curriculum. H-TEC Education products provide a variety of options to compare the experimental output of a single technology to various integrated energy solutions (also known as hybridized energy solutions). Our products teach all the essential aspects of clean energy solutions. With our Fuel Cell Concept Car and Hydrogen Gas Station Kit learn everything you need to know on how to use solar energy to produce clean hydrogen gas via an electrolyzer and then transfer the gas into an on-board storage medium that is located on the fuel cell car. Or use our Solar Hydrogen Cycle House Demo Kit and learn how to create a new hydrogen society that is sustaining a clean environment for current and future generations. Or simply use our stand-alone fuel cell module or electrolyzer module and gain experience in amazing electrochemical science and sharpen your skills for future STEM programs. Whatever you need for clean energy breakthroughs, you will find it here. The H-TEC Education team is committed to introduce clean energy and renewable energy technologies to all students to help foster the next generation of scientists and engineers!

Our educational products support students to discover the key principles that are essential to understand fuel cells, electrolyzers, hydrogen economy, solar energy, wind energy, bio-energy, etc. Furthermore, having hands-on experience will also sharpen the student's electrochemistry, physics, biology, and engineering knowledge and enhance their creative thinking and analysis. Amazing students deserve amazing science tools and kits to expand their education. The H-TEC Education team provides exactly what you need to become an amazing student at any level and pave the way to become a great engineer and scientist to tackle the future.

Whether it is education, science, fun, or engineering, H-TEC Education is committed to offering the highest quality educational products at an affordable cost to all. Our goal is to encourage students, teachers, and energy hobbyists around the world to “go green” and learn and utilize sustainable, renewable energy sources.

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