MudWatt Classroom Pack

MudWatt Classroom Pack

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Perfect for Classrooms and Dirt-Power Parties! (Serves 10 - 30 students)

Want to engage your students in science and engineering in a whole new way - merging disciplines like microbiology, decomposition, renewable energy, electrical engineering all in one fun and memorable experience? Or just want to have a dirt-power party? Then the Mudwatt Classroom Pack is for you!

Note: MudWatts are reusable! They just need to be cleaned between uses.

Explore the power of microbes with the MudWatt™ Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) Classroom Pack. Simply fill the vessels with soil from your backyard (or someone else's backyard), along with anything you find in your refrigerator and watch as within days the attached LED light will start to blink using only the power produced by the electricity-generating microbes in your soil!

Track the growth of your MudWatt's power and bacteria population and unlock new chapters of a comic with the free MudWatt Explorer App (available on iTunes and Google Play)!

The MudWatt is the perfect educational kit for classrooms and hobbyists since it incorporates a wide range of scientific topics. It's easy to incorporate the MudWatt into a class discussion on microbiology, soil chemistry, electrochemistry, or electrical engineering.

Microbial Fuel Cells (MFC) are bio-electrical devices that harness the natural metabolisms of microbes to produce electrical power. Within the MFC, microbes munch up the sugars and other nutrients in their surrounding environment and release a portion of the energy contained within that food in the form of electricity.

Microbes are ubiquitous throughout virtually all soils and sediments on the planet. Among these diverse communities of microbes are particular species with unique metabolic abilities that enable them to expel electrons onto oxidized metal compounds, such as rust. In a sense, these so-called “electrogenic” microbes are able to “breathe” metal compounds much like humans and other organisms breathe oxygen. MFCs employ these unique abilities by providing the electrogenic microbes with a certain configuration of two inert, graphite-based electrodes placed in environments with different levels of oxygen.

MudWatt Classroom Pack Includes:

✔ 10x MudWatt Vessels
✔ 3x MudWatt Digital Clocks
✔ 18x Alligator Clips (for connecting MudWatts together)
✔ Free Access to the MudWatt NGSS Teacher's Guide
✔ Free MudWatt Explorer App (available on iTunes and Google Play)!

Enjoy discovery with one of the most creative, interdisciplinary STEM educational toys for the modern world: microbiology, chemistry, and electrical engineering all in one kit!

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