Fuel Cell Monitor Pro 4.0

Fuel Cell Monitor Pro 4.0

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The Fuel Cell Monitor Pro 4.0 can calculate the efficiency and electrical characteristics of fuel cells and electrolyzers and allows real-time monitoring of every cell in the fuel cell stack.

The Measuring Transformer Card provides the possibility of a four-conductor measurement for the compensation of measurement errors.  The measured value recording can be performed automatically, voltage-regulated, current-regulated, or manually.  The efficiency of H-TEC educational fuel cells can also be measured with the Fuel Cell Monitor Pro. It also displays up to ten individual voltages of a fuel cell stack in real-time and record and displays characteristic curves and efficiency of H-TEC Education electrolyzers.


✔ External measuring transformer card for measuring and recording the characteristics of fuel cell models: voltage, current, and time
✔ Connects to a computer via USB cable
✔ The supplied software allows you to plot the fuel cell stack’s voltage-current, power-voltage, power-current, power-time characteristics
✔ Recording can be done automatically, at a certain voltage or current points or manually
✔ Data recording as .txt or .csv format

Contents Include:

• Measuring Transformer Card
• Software
• Individual Voltage Measurement Cable
• Cable Set (USB cable, 2x 2 mm cable set, 2x 4 mm cable set, 2x adapters)
• Power Supply
• Transport Case
• Detailed Operating Manual

Minimum System Requirements: Computer with Windows 2000 SP3, XP, Vista or Windows 7, Windows 10, 580 MB free space on HD, Pentium III or comparable (600 MHz - or faster), USB port

Recommended Requirements: Microsoft Excel (for individualized data plotting)

Measurements Possible With the Fuel Cell Monitor Pro 4.0, U104:

✔ Voltage-controlled automatic measurements
✔ Determining the characteristic curve of the electrolyser
✔ Determining electrolyzer efficiency
✔ Determining characteristic curves of fuel cell
✔ Determining fuel cell efficiency
✔ Determining the decomposition voltage of water
✔ Long-term measurements at your own computer
✔ Fixing the output at different operating points of the fuel cell stack
✔ Monitoring single-cell stack voltages at your computer
✔ Power-controlled automatic measurements

User Manual

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