Fuel Cell Science Fair Kit

Fuel Cell Science Fair Kit

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This kit has everything needed to perform simple science experiments using fuel cell technology. The kit includes a fuel cell, a fan, storage cylinders, and accessories to complete electrolysis, producing and storing hydrogen and oxygen and then use stored hydrogen and oxygen to provide electricity.  The Instruction Manual shows step-by-step procedures for electrolysis and using the motor with the fuel cell.  Recommended for anyone wanting to explore the uses of hydrogen as a storage medium for electricity and using a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell to electrolyze water for hydrogen storage.

Recommended Grades: 7 - 12

Contents Include:

✔ Reversible PEM Fuel Cell
✔ Hydrogen and Oxygen Cylinders
✔ Fan Motor (blades not included) 
✔ 2mm Red and Black Banana Plug Cables
✔ Battery Pack with 2mm Connecting Leads  (requires 2x AA batteries)
✔ (4) Tubing Clamps
✔ Transparent silicone tubing
✔ Instructions Booklet

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