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Junior Pro

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The Junior Pro is a Solar Hydrogen Experimentation System consisting of a solar module, PEM Electrolyzer, large hydrogen and oxygen storage tanks, PEM fuel cell, and fan (for electric load); mounted on a black base-plate, and textbook.  The included H-TEC Education fuel cell textbook contains information about the technology and instructions for a variety of experiments.

The Junior Pro reflects the simple elegance of the hydrogen cycle by reflecting a self-contained hydrogen system that is perfect for introducing the technology behind the solar hydrogen cycle, or for demonstrations.


✔ Compact system on one base-plate with larger gas storage tanks
✔ Clear, self-explanatory set-up
✔ Sturdy construction
✔ Short setup time

Recommended Grades: 5 - 12


• Single Electrolyzer
• Fuel Cell Hydrogen Oxygen
• Solar Panel Cell
• Fan Load
• Acrylic Base Plate
• Larger Gas Storage Tanks with Magnetic Bases
• Instructional Textbook

Experiments Possible with the Junior Pro, J102:

✔ Producing and storing hydrogen and oxygen
✔ Determining characteristic curve of solar panel
✔ Operating the fuel cell with hydrogen and oxygen 2:1
✔ Determining characteristic curve of an electrolyzer
✔ Determining electrolyzer efficiency
✔ Learning about Faraday’s laws
✔ Determining characteristic curves of fuel cell
✔ Determining fuel cell efficiency
✔ Determining decomposition voltage of water
✔ Storing electrical energy from wind by using hydrogen technology
✔ Demonstrating a complete renewable hydrogen energy system

For the blue experiments listed above, you will also need the Measurement Set.

For the green experiments listed above, you will also need a Wind Generator.

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