Solar Hydrogen Car and Gas Station Demo

Solar Hydrogen Car and Gas Station Demo

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H-TEC Education's Solar Hydrogen Car and Gas Station Demo set provides the perfect illustration of the future technology of hydrogen-powered vehicles!  With the future looking greener and cleaner this demonstration model will easily illustrate all of the best characteristics of hydrogen to students, colleagues, and friends alike!

Diminishing resources, more severe environmental impacts, and the ever-increasing demand for energy force us to reconsider the structure of our energy supply system.  Automobile industries and energy companies are increasingly investing in hydrogen and solar technology every day due to renewable energies offering longer sustainable solutions than our current oil-based alternative.  This fascinating technology combines a sound energy supply with minimal impact on our natural resources.

The solar module provides power to the electrolyzer. The electrolyzer will then produce hydrogen gas which can be stored in the hydrogen gas station. The hydrogen gas can be fed into the PEM fuel cell stack, which will supply electricity to drive the fuel cell car forward.

Hydrogen is produced and stored in the Hydrogen Gas Station.  The Fuel Cell Concept Car is fueled with hydrogen, and realistically demonstrates the technology of future fuel cell vehicles.

The equipment can be used to demonstrate the operation of PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) fuel cells and PEM Electrolyzers.

Car and Gas Station Demo - D114 Includes:

• Demo Car
• Fuel Cell Stack (two cells)
• Electrolyzer
• Hydrogen Storage Tank
1-Panel Solar Module
• Demo Gas Station
• Instructional Textbook

The included H-TEC Education fuel cell textbook contains information about the technology and instructions for a variety of experiments.

A typical lead time of four weeks to be expected.

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